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How to Commission a Portrait

It is very simple to commission a portrait from Glyn. All you need to do is contact Glyn with your name, email address and enquiry message. Glyn will get back to you through email and provide all necessary details on how to proceed. After a joint discussion, Glyn will provide a quote for price and completion date.

All portraits are different so costs and time to complete will vary for each one. Price/time is dependant on size, complexity of image (number of subjects) and medium (pencil or paint). To give you a rough idea the wedding portrait below was drawn with graphite and white pencils, it measures 16 inches square and would cost around £300.

Hand drawn wedding portrait
Hand drawn wedding portrait

Some things to consider

  • Painted portraits are generally bigger and more expensive than pencil portraits
  • For pencil portraits Glyn currently favours graphite and white pencil on toned paper (as above)
  • Glyn prefers to work no smaller than A3 (approx 12 x 16 inches) for pencil portraits
  • The ball park cost for an A3 single subject pencil portrait is around £200
  • A good quality photo gives Glyn a far better chance of producing a good quality portrait
  • Glyn works toward the photo to capture a true character likeness but also works away from it to create a unique artwork
  • Paintings and drawings take a long time to complete so please allow plenty of time when commissioning a portrait for a specific occassion or date
  • Portraits are delivered unframed
  • If you do not have a suitable image, Glyn is able to offer a photo service (locally)
  • Discount available to all returning customers 2021
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